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I'm still kicking. They're upping my crazy meds because I've had a few bouts of 'oh hi sidewalk you look like a napping place' inexplicably even though most of the time I'm all right. It's frustrating to dip down after being okay for six months or so. So more Lexapro and more Topamax. In the meantime the Adderall does a great job keeping me paying attention and reading and all that.

Nextly, the Nutrisystem is good stuff. I really like the food and it's quite easy. If anyone would like to join me in my Nutrisystem quest or has any questions about the program, we both get discounts if I recruit (fattie pyramid scheme ftw) so let me know. I haven't exercised this week so I plateau'd a bit but I am feeling fantastic physically because of how well rounded my nutritional balance is compared to usual.
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School is painstakingly not over yet put I'm getting there. One more dog-forsaken 25 page paper to write and we'll get-r-done. I can't wait to have free time to run more. Oh I have another charity race on Saturday which will be fun, but I haven't been training well so I'm not expecting much, but I said I would do one official race a month, so I will!

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