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15 June 1979
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I keep rewriting my various e-profiles, dialing up and down the sad/angry ratio, just like I do on my iPod. I used to be a really sad girl, but while I'll always have squishy melancholy insides, my candy shell is sticky cynicism and misanthropy.

I believe that no matter how unhappy you are, if you have a sense of humor about it, you aren't pathetic at all. That's why I love Morrissey.

I am a polyamorous geek groupie with socio-economic angst and a finely tuned attitude problem. I grew up poor and if you didn't I will think you are a spoiled brat (I will also think it's hot if you can fight back when I ask uncomfortable and pointed questions about it). I have a long list of things that don't impress me, and your college degree, good genes, neo-pagan sisterhood, universal acceptance policy and loving family of origin are on it. The short list of things that do impress me probably include your quite well-executed wit and well-rounded life experiences, the kind that don't come from the semesters abroad and outward bound excursions your parents bought you.

I am not moved by the mystical powers of womanhood and I'm consistently disappointed that so many otherwise intelligent chix0rz get all caught up in that racket. Gender-exclusive endeavors are are no more attractive to me than race-exclusive ones, and I sincerely believe that my own personal strength has absolutely zero to do with feminism. Feminism in its current incarnation is a self-esteem stick that liberal arts proponents bludgeon adolescent girls with so that they'll be productive members of society. How about finding that strength within yourself and using your difficult life experiences as stepping stones in self-development. That's fucking strength and independence, kids, not this victimhood sisterhood shit Tori Amos has you all choking down.

I am not religious or new-agey and I don't get much satisfaction out of quality time with those who are. Religion is the opposite of therapy, which you need. Seriously, you do. Your madonna/whore complex called, it wants its sense of righteous indignation back. Yeah, whatever. Your mom.

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OkCupid probed me.
I, cemeterygates, am:
more pessimistic,
less emotional,
less old-fashioned,
less into sports
and sloppier
than most.

abandonment, accounting, adderall, affection, antidepressants, antony and the johnsons, anxiety, babybird, baxendale, bisexual, bitterness, black, blackberry, blankets, boggle, boston, brit pop, brooding, cemeteries, cheese, childfree, childhood, coffee, crime, criminal psychology, crying, curves, cynicism, danny gold, dating, debt-free, depeche mode, depression, depressive realism, desipramine, dysthymia, edward gorey, erotica, eyeliner, falling asleep, feelings, finacea, finishing college, free thought, funny little dogs, geeks, getting hurt, girlie drinks, goth, gothcruise, gothic, goths, graveyards, grief, grudges, heartache, homoerotic tension, honesty, hugs, humanism, hurt, indie movies, intensity, interdependence, introspection, issues chicks, james, karma, kisses, kissing, lexapro, lightning, listening, love, lyrics, maine, making out, marc almond, melancholia, melodrama, midori sours, misanthropy, morrissey, mountain dew, night, nihilism, non-traditional students, okcupid, omelets, oversharing, pcos, pessimism, poly, polyamorous, polyamory, polystar, pro-choice, programmers, psychology, pulp, rain, rainy days, realism, remembering, reproductive freedom, restlessness, rialto, rosacea, rural white poverty, sadness, schadenfreude, second-guessing, serial killers, sex, shame, silver, skepticism, sleeping, slot machines, socio-economic angst, stephin merritt, steve huff, strawberries, sugar, synth pop, tea, tears, the magnetic fields, the smiths, the way cats smell, therapy, thinking, thunderstorms, topamax, touching, tragedy, travis, tricyclic antidepressants, true crime, trust, vegetarian, vegetarian sushi, velvet, victimless leather, vodka, word games, yesterday, you, your madonna/whore complex

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