Delilah (cemeterygates) wrote,

Perhaps I Will Blog Again, Perhaps Not

But in the interim:

20 years ago I...
was in the sixth grade. Having fully transitioned from squatting in miserable hovels and living off the land to a modern home my father built, I'd theoretically adjusted to life in my third year in Union, Maine. I was extraordinarily chemically depressed but not yet medicated. I was intellectually and interpersonally unable or uninterested in relating or bonding with peers. I formed unabashed obsessive fixations on love interests that were unrequited. I had read the complete Stephen King collection through twice. I ate lunch in the guidance office where they video taped conversations with me and sent them to the National Association of Gifted Children.

10 years ago I...
was 21, and had found a mutually destructive but devoted new family through my thrice weekly religious attendance at ManRay, the local goth club. I drank every day and was in unrequited love with some cruel insane guy thirteen years older than me. I met Mattalyst, who tried to save me from myself.

5 years ago I...
was 26, and was living at the Peacock's Lair with my Mattalyst, agnosticoracle, gingerkat and unferth as well as a menagerie of pets. Life had stabilized for me, as I was properly medicated for the first time in my life and was recuperating from a series of relationship misfires. ManRay closed in July, and I never really bothered to socialize again, but I redirected some of the energy into self-actualization.

1 year ago I...
had just begun working part-time for a non-profit while devoting more time to voice acting and addressing my health problems. I spent most of the year struggling with my narcolepsy and balancing my medication. There was little else to note.

So far this year, I've...
hired a professional organizer (from the A&E show Horders) to help me with my Problem with Objects, begun a new relationship with an amazing guy and unofficially observed my ten-years with Mattalyst, watched in awe as my younger sister (and hero) pushed through her graduate program to become a magic scientist of some kind.

Yesterday I...
went to work, called two doctors, refilled two prescriptions, took a long cold shower before bedtime, started a new book.

Today I...
woke up Mattalyst, went to the phrarmacy for meds, had a nice conversation with another motorcycle stuck in traffic with me, bought cigarettes and coffee, sang a song with a homeless man, and came in to work.

Tomorrow I'll...
wake/work/coffee/smokes, girl-date with my friend Ashley where we watch girl-tv and talk about boys, home/meds/sleep.
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